Writing Your Breakup Poem

write Breakup Poem
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One of the most difficult moments everyone goes through is when a relationship or marriage that they gave all of their selves to ends, more so when it ends badly with the partner cheating on them. This can be a huge blow and leave the partner wondering where things went wrong.

So many people take a different approach towards getting over the breakup. Some will get physical and beat up the erring partner. Others may throw themselves back out there, determined to prove that they are worth something, and yet others will sit around and mope and cry and refuse to eat. But there’s a different approach that can be explored. You can write a breakup poem.

Sometimes, you don’t write a breakup poem because your partner ended things with you; sometimes you do it because you are the one doing the ending and you want to at least use the poem to provide some answers to the questions your partner is bound to have.

Then again, instead of breaking up with your partner in person, you might want to leave them a breakup poem to serve that purpose so that you can avoid confrontation. And for some, you can write a breakup poem to hurt your ex and inflict as much pain to them as possible for all they did to you.

Writing a breakup poem can be because you want your partner to know that you never stopped loving them, but then, things just aren’t working out. You’ll let them know through the poem that your heart will always beat for them, your heart will always be with them and you’ll always be there if they ever need you, but as for remaining in a relationship with them, it can no longer work because you both either keep hurting each other or you are not bringing out the best in each other.

You can write a breakup poem to let your partner down easy. It is expected that seeing the effort you put into the poem can help ease things up and lessen the pain of the breakup. While it will not stop them from hurting and probably crying their eyes out, it will provide an insight about what went wrong and where it went wrong. It’s difficult when a relationship ends without explanations. Your poem may be that explanation, designed to answer questions and to give your partner a softer landing than what he/she would have gotten if you’d just up and left.

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