What You Need To Seduce A Woman

Seduce A Woman
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There’s a common misconception among men that leads most of them to give up as soon as they see a beautiful woman, not because they’re afraid, but as soon as they see that 9 hanging out at the bar, the instant thought is – out of my league, because they aren’t handsome billionaire entrepreneurs..

Well, as I said, it’s a misconception and something that can easily be proven wrong. It’s been done several times before and you could try it out yourself.

1. Exude Confidence

beautiful women photoHere’s a quick fact – the competition for beautiful women is a lot less than most people think. Since most men are intimidated by 9s, the amount of competition for them is much smaller than assumed.

The most important traits women look for in potential mates is power and confidence and none can exist without the other. It’s an evolutionary adaptation that leads women to subconsciously believe if a guy is intimidated by looks, even the world, in general, will intimidate him. Exude power, but don’t be a douche. Nobody likes a douche. Know the difference.

2. Just talk to her

Another common misconception among men is that pick up lines work. Here’s another fact – they don’t. Unless you’ve been secretly practicing in your bathroom every night before you go to bed, don’t even bother.

Pick an opening sentence that you believe will actually lead to a conversation, not a simple yes or no question like “Hey, you come here often?” It’s a yes or a no, then what? Just talk to her. Have a great conversation and make subtle jokes to get a chuckle or two out of her.

3. Try to concentrate on something that’s not her body.

Pretty women, in all their goddess-like beauty, know it’s not permanent, and are often insecure. So, even once at the very peak of their ephemeral beauty, remember that it’s a little advocated fact that women like to be acknowledged. Make use of her less spoken-of virtues and let her know they are qualities you admire in her.

4. Don’t ignore her looks.

beautiful women look photoDespite the point previously established about focusing on her looks, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compliment her. By all means, make her feel like Aphrodite if you have to! It may come as a surprise to some, but there are a lot of people, not exclusively men though, who live under the false belief that you should never compliment a woman because it makes you look weak. That couldn’t be any less true.

Beautiful women are already aware of their beauty, and they are sure you’re in the know of it, too. Keep holding back in an effort to be ‘polite’ and ‘manly’ they see you for what you are – a phoney wannabe.

As is often said, ‘keep in touch with your feminine side’. Notice the little details that most men wouldn’t even catch, things that most women tell each other as compared to men. This could be something like how her dress matches her eyes, or how you are in love with the way her nose wrinkles when she smiles or even how her cute dimples bring out the shape of her head.

5. Use Your Brain, not Your Wallet

If she looks as great as I assume she does, then she’s definitely had and will still have lots of opportunities to date other men, perhaps richer men than you, and it’s something you’ll have to accept.

Most men, even society a whole, has the horrible habit of associating beauty directly with sex, something that makes most men mistakenly assume that a beautiful woman is nothing but a sex tool that’s to be bought by the fattest cheque. On rare occasion, it’s true, but those aren’t worth your time, now are they?

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