What are you looking for when you date?

dating photoDating is an opportunity for you to mingle, meet new people, and gain some perspective, and who knows, maybe you’ll find someone you really like in the process. If you want to have a good time when you date, you should only go out with girls that are attracted to you because the more a girl likes you, the easier it’ll be.

How To Know A Woman Is Attracted To You

dating photoA woman’s attraction changes overtime. The first signs of interest you should be looking for is if she’s giving you personal information when you question her and if she’s willing to keep talking.

As they become more attracted to you they’ll give information without a doubt, and they might be texting or calling you in the middle of the night. Always assume they want to see you, so be smart and ask her out.

When she starts bumping into you, touching your arm, and laughing at what you say, it means they are very attracted to you. Next, they will start to pursue, ask for your advice and trust you.

Love comes when she starts asking you “Where is this going?,” which means she wants you and her to be exclusive.

Know What You’re Looking For

It’s important that you know what you’re looking for in a woman: take some time to write all of the characteristics you are looking for in a person, and also write all the characteristics you absolutely don’t like. Once you finish your list, you’ll be able to see a person that fits your desires with much ease.

What Your Dates Should Be Like

Corey Wayne, one of the best relationship coaches around, says dates are “fun-filled opportunities to have sex.” It means you’re the only purpose when you date women is to hang on, have fun, and hook up.

A good date means you treat the girl like a lover and not like a friend. You should take her to two or three places at the same night and have a good time.

Pro Tips For Your Date

dating photoAside from being confident, here’s some sure advice so you have a great time on your next date:

  • Do have a solid plan before you ask a girl out, so be decisive in what you want to do and when you’re going to pick her up.
  • Your body language should be relaxed. Sit as if you were the king of the place, with your back flat against the seat and your arms chilling on your legs. Keep your distance for a while.
  • Ask about herself, and ask fun and interesting questions like “Hey, if you could invite someone to dinner, who would it be?,” or “Hey, would you like to be famous? And for what reasons?”
  • When you finally talk, keep your stories short, positive, and interesting. Remember that mystery is a very sexy thing.

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