Things To Avoid Talking In Your Dating

what not tell in dating
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Common sense will help you a lot: each time you feel like saying something to the one you’re dating, think for a while: “How is this going to help me? What is this person going to feel about it? How does this add any value to the date?”

So, it doesn’t mean you have to lie, plot, and deceive, rather you’ll leave somethings unsaid until you and your date develop a little bit more of trust and confidence or enter into a relationship. Remember that during the early stages of dating people turn off very easily.

Leave Your Ex Out Of Your Date

leave your ex information
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Strangers don’t want to hear about your past love experiences, especially if you are bickering, and arguing. Or even worse, talking about how great they were.

Don’t dwell on the past and don’t compare your present date with your past lovers because. This is a complete turn-off.

No Gossip

Your date is not going to be really interested in your gossip about your family, friends, and past or current dates. He or she will not pay attention, and gossip will make you look like a person who doesn’t value other’s privacy, so your date will hesitate to tell you something about her or to trust you.  Just be present in the moment and enjoy the company of each other.

do not tell about your sexNo Nothing About Your Sexy Life

Don’t go out of your way talking about your success in the romantic department speaking about previous dates, about how you cheat, about how you pick up boys or girls, and about how you like sex. Remember, sex is always a very sensitive topic, so when it comes around, respond with a quick joke and change the subject.

Your Sad Little Stories Are Also Out

Men and women both want to look happy and whole when they date. So no complaints about your life and your hardships and no stories about how much you’ve suffered. You can leave your frustrations for when you’re sure the other person will give you attention and support.

All Tell And No show

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Don’t talk about how much money you earn, or worse, how much money you want. Just follow a simple rule: whatever value you know you have, be sure not to talk about it, show it, act like it, and be up to your own expectations. Said rule is especially true for men, they ought to stay humble and respectful to anyone.

Now you’ve got an idea of what to say and what not to say if you don’t want to scare away from you. Remember to stay positive, be fun, and have lots of conversation topics.


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