How To Attract Women 101?

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A man who recognizes his own value and worth is never the one who chases and pursue. A man who recognizes his own strength has self-confidence. A man who sees himself as the prize and doesn’t think of love as a reward but as an extra bonus is able to stay calmed when talking to a woman. Such man is very attractive.: it’s all about being the alpha male every woman is looking for.

Calm, Cool And Collected

Attracting woman is not some sort of voodoo nor some combination of magical words because there’s no all-in-one recipe. Is not about what you say, but about how you act and how yo present yourself.

A man’s energy is all about staying calm, cool, and collected. It means nothing a woman says to you will take you out of your center, nothing will make you react. You’ll always stay true to yourself, no matter which kinds of test she’s sending your way.

Follow Your Purpose

attract girl photoA happy and complete person is always attractive. Rather than looking happiness on someone else, the right mindset is sharing wholeness with a potential partner.

You should find whatever makes you happy and whatever you’re best at and do it. You’ll become a happy, complete and confident person willing to share your life with excitement. Women will notice, and they will like it.

So, the basics about yourself are: be cool, calm, collected, confident, and driven. And, of course, your appearance must be impeccable, well groomed, and elegant (remember that women often look at your shoes first).

Now it’s time to check the 101 on how to approach them

Your First Approach

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Never spend your time in women who are not attracted to you. The more a woman likes you, the easier it’ll be for you to hook up with them. Remember that seduction is a means to get closer and closer until you eventually end up inside of her.

Treat every woman the same and don’t let their looks unbalance you. Be funny, easy-going and relaxed, but, most importantly, let them talk, listen and understand.

Most guys will approach a woman saying “Hi, my name is John, what’s your name?” This is wrong. Don’t spell out any information about you unless she asks, and keep asking her fun and upbeat questions until you can get her number and go. So, your first approach should simply be “Hi, what’s your name?”

You Need to Understand Them

Don’t be clingy, needy or desperate, these are not male qualities. Male energy is about seeking his purpose and growing through the challenge. However, while menare beings of reason, women are driven by emotion, and their energy is about seeking connection, praise, and affection.

So, remember everything says a woman is true. At least, what they say at the moment is what they feel at the moment, and such words are not valid on the next day or on the last week. Understanding such simple rule is key to attracting women as most men are clueless about it.

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