How Most Men Make Gift Buying Mistakes

Gift Buying Mistakes
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One reader asked a question which needs discussion.

He wanted to know what gifts a man could give at the start of any relationship he dreams to be serious and long-term (and those to not give).

Overall, a man shouldn’t offer any presents during the earliest 2 or 3 outings. Most guys try locking a woman into an indirect commitment with the ‘buy her affections’ behavior by gifting too soon. Women only get truly scared off by this. Instead, a man should demonstrate to her that he represents FUN so keep his money but give her some good times. Examples are getting her nice pastry and savoring it together or getting a few quarter rolls and taking her out to the mall.

Early gifts should not be about impressing but rather about optimizing the feelings from time spent together. Hold the candy and flowers off till enough true interest and rapport has been built to make her appreciate your gifts. After about 3 dates, the man can go a bit further by buying her flowers or a card. But, here again, keeping it LOW-KEYED is the idea. Under-gifting to show deep caution and not hasty imprudence is much better at this point. Remember: it’s about the message you send and not money spent.

What gifts should a man give to indicate he wants just a sexy short-term thing, a fling which doesn’t go far (and those to not give)?

Give sexy presents for sexy affairs. Buying her a hot night gown from a lingerie shop or getting her little things like a coupon, or maybe a steamy movie’s tickets could fulfill her fantasy. Avoid expensive presents since they infer a commitment level both parties might be unwilling to give. No luxurious items or jewelries. Make it tasteful and not cheap.

What gifts should a man buy
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What gifts should a man give to indicate he has started giving serious thoughts to their relationship and he desires it to last?

For this, appreciate by stepping up and offering a memorable item to mark major events like a birthday, Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. Once, a girl was presented with a naked doll containing a coupon that promised buying her (and the doll) some nice clothes if, the boyfriend could help in picking out the clothes. The girl took it really BIG.

Anything that connects the two of you together is another possible great ‘relationship’ gift. Not identical T-shirts or handcuffs, but something that keeps her remembering you when you are absent, such as recording a CD containing both of your most cherished songs, or, a loved couple of wine glasses from a vineyard trip. Give her a present that performs double-duty.

Which clues could a man expect to know the appropriate gift? How are her hints deciphered?

A man’s gift choice should show intelligence and insight. He should get the woman an item that is obvious relative to her interests. Give her a mountain climbing gymnasium day pass if she loves adventure sports. Give a concert ticket if she likes music. A couple of minutes spent thinking it through will bring up several ideas.

Being IRREGULAR and recognizing the desire for varying your gifting ways is the main idea here. It’s more of ‘how’ and ‘when’, and less of ‘what’. Occasionally, little gifts are more valuable than large ones. Keep the large ones until big events come up. A man should also pay attention for indicators of the woman being a little bit TOO in love with getting gifts. He should run fast if, she shows obvious hints of desiring just material gratification.

Is there any time a man truly shouldn’t give his woman a gift?

Don’t send gifts to erase you errors like offending her, and expect to be back in her best books just because you sent her candy. To avoid it being taken as an empty deed, you must display true remorse along with the gift. Beware if only you buy gifts. She should also reciprocate occasionally – IF she truly likes you. Show you are capable of providing, but she should demonstrate her ability for nurturing back. Another instance to leave gift buying is if it will be a prompt to get sexual favors. It cheapens your woman and creates a negative precedent about you.

Are there other things a man should know about giving his woman gifts?

The best gift giving rule is to give but with NO anticipation of the favor being returned. You will hardly go wrong if you give for only the pleasure it offers you. Do not forget that with self confidence clearly established in you, you have no ‘when’ and ‘how’ to gift worries, as, on your part, all hints of neediness would have disappeared. It means your woman won’t misread the meaning of your gift, if you possess the perfect Alpha Male vibe in you. She will know it’s something to be cherished and not taken for granted. Conversely, you will face problems, if you are gifting to GET. Women will avoid as you have a scheme, and it’s the nastiest thing for a woman to sense in you.

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