Approaching Women: 3 Exciting Things That Surely Take Out Your Fear

approaching women
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The 333 ways for getting her out for a date, the 55 indicators that she will talk to you, or the 1 billion ways for seducing a woman, in fact, so many varying ‘how to manage man/woman relationships’ materials have over flooded the market.

Most people end up intimidated even thinking of using what they have read to accost women. Surely, they desire knowing how to accost ladies. But the HOW was not their problem in reality. The ‘guts’ for doing it was actually the problem. That is most people’s block.

Remember when you were 18 and were out together with friends in one bar in the city

Conversation was nearly impossible due to the loud music that filled the place. Some of your friends were at the floor dancing, while you just hung around the fringes. Maybe clubs and pubs weren’t truly your scene. But the urge to find a girlfriend kept you visiting them regularly. Then as you kept roaming the fringes of the floor, sipping from your glass to appear casual and cool, something caught your eyes.

A truly stunning lady was staring directly at you from the balcony. It’s no secret that you instinctively know when somebody is ‘checking you out’. You also looked, your eyes met hers…and you lived happily for your remaining days…no! It didn’t happen, there is no chance. Actually, your eyes did meet, but yours darted off faster than lightening, leaving you all excited with red burning cheeks – she was however really hot, and was staring directly at you.

To shorten the probable story, the ensuing five minutes were spent with her ‘checking you out’. You did muster the nerve to gaze back, but your eyes were opposite sides of a magnet all the time. She finally gave up and left as you could not hold her gaze – really not her fault. You then spend the remainder of that night visualizing her beauty and kicking yourself for being such a coward. This case is not isolated. Actually, it’s a description of almost every weekend after, that, occurred once or more. Finally, you had enough and probably began disliking yourself for the shortcoming. You felt you must change or give up hopes of having a girlfriend or an eternal partner, if you are unable to, just introduce yourself to any woman you desired to approach.

So, what do you do?

You probably purchased and digested every book on approaching and dating women but it still did not solve your problem. The main thing is – you surely know how chat ladies up but lack the guts. You were over afraid of rejection and the meaning of leaving you after minutes of boredom. This leaves you feeling as if you can’t be with all the stunning women flirting with you. What you need to seduce ladies is surmounting your fear of accosting women and not ‘101 techniques’. You must stop making this first step of dating look like a big deal.

Happily, such cases end well as the frustration or whatever you call it most times turns you into an expert. What you learn facilitates surmounting your fears, and learning how to accost women and even enjoying it. Though unbelievable, but yes, you ENJOY IT!

So what is it that you actually learn which men can utilize to surmount their fear of accosting women?

3 exciting things that surely take out your fear of accosting women

Here are 3 things to do that help you begin eliminating your fear of chatting up women.

1. This question’s answer

What does a woman rejecting you denote to you? The answer you give for this question will probably be something vital. You could say you are boring or you are not a nice/fun person. What does this mean to you? Note, this likely means nothing for people who have no problems with being rejected. Plainly, they’d say it means nothing when asked the same thing. Notice any dissimilarity there?

2. Fear’s an indicator

Fear is an indication that you are unprepared. You are unprepared if you lack even a few conversation opening lines you can easily utter out –you have all right to be afraid. If you believe your skills for conversation to be inadequate for maintaining an engaging, exciting conversation, then the fears are probably safe and safeguarding you from being hurt. In this situation, what is it you unprepared for? What do you want to do about it?

3. Acquire essential flirting knowledge

For a flirting degree, you might learn 100+ signals. In reality though, you need know only 9. The extremely vital are nine. You can predict if the approach is a failure or success with a 90%+ accuracy, if you master them. If you can predict with 90%+ accuracy, and prove it severally, will you still have any more fear of accosting women? No. So, study the best flirting indicators, rehearse them and utilize them for optimum benefit.

How Most Men Make Gift Buying Mistakes

Gift Buying Mistakes
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One reader asked a question which needs discussion.

He wanted to know what gifts a man could give at the start of any relationship he dreams to be serious and long-term (and those to not give).

Overall, a man shouldn’t offer any presents during the earliest 2 or 3 outings. Most guys try locking a woman into an indirect commitment with the ‘buy her affections’ behavior by gifting too soon. Women only get truly scared off by this. Instead, a man should demonstrate to her that he represents FUN so keep his money but give her some good times. Examples are getting her nice pastry and savoring it together or getting a few quarter rolls and taking her out to the mall.

Early gifts should not be about impressing but rather about optimizing the feelings from time spent together. Hold the candy and flowers off till enough true interest and rapport has been built to make her appreciate your gifts. After about 3 dates, the man can go a bit further by buying her flowers or a card. But, here again, keeping it LOW-KEYED is the idea. Under-gifting to show deep caution and not hasty imprudence is much better at this point. Remember: it’s about the message you send and not money spent.

What gifts should a man give to indicate he wants just a sexy short-term thing, a fling which doesn’t go far (and those to not give)?

Give sexy presents for sexy affairs. Buying her a hot night gown from a lingerie shop or getting her little things like a coupon, or maybe a steamy movie’s tickets could fulfill her fantasy. Avoid expensive presents since they infer a commitment level both parties might be unwilling to give. No luxurious items or jewelries. Make it tasteful and not cheap.

What gifts should a man buy
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What gifts should a man give to indicate he has started giving serious thoughts to their relationship and he desires it to last?

For this, appreciate by stepping up and offering a memorable item to mark major events like a birthday, Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. Once, a girl was presented with a naked doll containing a coupon that promised buying her (and the doll) some nice clothes if, the boyfriend could help in picking out the clothes. The girl took it really BIG.

Anything that connects the two of you together is another possible great ‘relationship’ gift. Not identical T-shirts or handcuffs, but something that keeps her remembering you when you are absent, such as recording a CD containing both of your most cherished songs, or, a loved couple of wine glasses from a vineyard trip. Give her a present that performs double-duty.

Which clues could a man expect to know the appropriate gift? How are her hints deciphered?

A man’s gift choice should show intelligence and insight. He should get the woman an item that is obvious relative to her interests. Give her a mountain climbing gymnasium day pass if she loves adventure sports. Give a concert ticket if she likes music. A couple of minutes spent thinking it through will bring up several ideas.

Being IRREGULAR and recognizing the desire for varying your gifting ways is the main idea here. It’s more of ‘how’ and ‘when’, and less of ‘what’. Occasionally, little gifts are more valuable than large ones. Keep the large ones until big events come up. A man should also pay attention for indicators of the woman being a little bit TOO in love with getting gifts. He should run fast if, she shows obvious hints of desiring just material gratification.

Is there any time a man truly shouldn’t give his woman a gift?

Don’t send gifts to erase you errors like offending her, and expect to be back in her best books just because you sent her candy. To avoid it being taken as an empty deed, you must display true remorse along with the gift. Beware if only you buy gifts. She should also reciprocate occasionally – IF she truly likes you. Show you are capable of providing, but she should demonstrate her ability for nurturing back. Another instance to leave gift buying is if it will be a prompt to get sexual favors. It cheapens your woman and creates a negative precedent about you.

Are there other things a man should know about giving his woman gifts?

The best gift giving rule is to give but with NO anticipation of the favor being returned. You will hardly go wrong if you give for only the pleasure it offers you. Do not forget that with self confidence clearly established in you, you have no ‘when’ and ‘how’ to gift worries, as, on your part, all hints of neediness would have disappeared. It means your woman won’t misread the meaning of your gift, if you possess the perfect Alpha Male vibe in you. She will know it’s something to be cherished and not taken for granted. Conversely, you will face problems, if you are gifting to GET. Women will avoid as you have a scheme, and it’s the nastiest thing for a woman to sense in you.

Digging Deeper Into the Unlock Her Legs Program

unlock her legs reviewIn the dating world of today, our experiences are never the same. However, there is one thing we can’t certainly deny – Most girls, especially the hot ones, likes to play hard-to-get regardless of which corner of the world you come from. Let’s face the reality for once. At one point in our lives, we have all faced the frustrations of being turned down by a pretty hot girl we all dreamt of bringing into our love orbit. Perhaps, you probably could not be the handsome guy around and this makes you lack the confidence of planting a tiny seed in her mind. I know that feeling and I can guarantee you it is not the best at all. I remember having a friend who could chat hot chicks, try to make moves after which everything came to a standstill. It never worked out at all!

Well, thanks to two brilliant guys who have revolutionized the dating world with a complete seduction roadmap or rather a program known as “Unlock Her Legs Program”.

But Where Do We All Get It Wrong?

Love And Emotion wheelYou could have made your best shots to that young hard cheek but before you can finally unlock her legs, everything falls apart. Unfortunately, the most awaited moment of our lives can turn out to be the most frustrating. Don’t worry, you are not alone. As you are about to discover, going deep into the solitary mind of any hot girls is never about mastering the best cheesy pick lines, neither is appearing sleazy the solution. You better ask Rob Judge and Bobby Rio.

So, What Exactly Is “Unlock Her Legs” Program?

Unlock Her Legs PDF is a collection of mind-controlling techniques that a man can use to finally win that hard-to-get hot girl. In fact, by learning the modules and courses rolled out in the Bobby Rio’s dating guide, you can finally win back your dream girl or make the prettiest girl in town chase you. The Unlock Her Legs e-book was created by two legendary dating coaches who, based on their past dating mistakes, took their time to come up with the most effective “Seduction Weapons”. Rob Judge and Bobby Rio were two close folks who deeply understood what it means to face all possible scenarios in the dating world. You can’t beat them in understanding situations where men fail to unlock her legs. In a nutshell, the program is a secret to having a fulfilling sex and love life.

I know it may be too good to be true, but it is certainly what will make the girl you have a crush on be like “He is so fun to spend time with” or “the chemistry between us is so real”. Do not be shocked when she finally goes around mentioning your name, doodling your name on every damn piece of paper or book and fantasizing sexual moments with you. Well, that is why it is called the “Scrambler” technique.

How Does It Work?

The Unlock Her Legs by Rob Judge and Bobby Rio is a simply sneaky mind-game that any man can use to “scramble” the mind of the hard-to-get-girl and turn tables for his own good. The e-book is based on what many refer to as the “Scrambler Technique”. It is a powerful tool that you can use to decode her mindset, understand her emotions and plant that tiny seed that will make her get crazy over you. It involves dozens of seduction weapons that will make her powerless, she will be sexually starved for you. Believe me you, the scrambler technique mind game has worked for many and it is an effective tool to make that hard-to-get-girl chase you and not the other way round. The main principle behind the whole mind game is for sure very brilliant and interesting – Women crave for what they think they can’t have.


The Unlock Her Legs Download is a worthwhile product given that you get so much after the purchase. You won’t be just buying the program alone, you will have access to a plethora of courses and the bonuses. Actually, some call the Unlock her legs PDF the ultimate sex and love bible. Honestly speaking, we humans are social creatures who are always craving for love and company. Getting a powerful tool that will help you slide into her conscious and make her fall deeply in love with you, is definitely worth it! Want to unlock her legs? Well, don’t wait anymore, visit the official unlock her legs site and buy the e-book online.

Writing Your Breakup Poem

write Breakup Poem
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One of the most difficult moments everyone goes through is when a relationship or marriage that they gave all of their selves to ends, more so when it ends badly with the partner cheating on them. This can be a huge blow and leave the partner wondering where things went wrong.

So many people take a different approach towards getting over the breakup. Some will get physical and beat up the erring partner. Others may throw themselves back out there, determined to prove that they are worth something, and yet others will sit around and mope and cry and refuse to eat. But there’s a different approach that can be explored. You can write a breakup poem.

Sometimes, you don’t write a breakup poem because your partner ended things with you; sometimes you do it because you are the one doing the ending and you want to at least use the poem to provide some answers to the questions your partner is bound to have.

Then again, instead of breaking up with your partner in person, you might want to leave them a breakup poem to serve that purpose so that you can avoid confrontation. And for some, you can write a breakup poem to hurt your ex and inflict as much pain to them as possible for all they did to you.

Writing a breakup poem can be because you want your partner to know that you never stopped loving them, but then, things just aren’t working out. You’ll let them know through the poem that your heart will always beat for them, your heart will always be with them and you’ll always be there if they ever need you, but as for remaining in a relationship with them, it can no longer work because you both either keep hurting each other or you are not bringing out the best in each other.

You can write a breakup poem to let your partner down easy. It is expected that seeing the effort you put into the poem can help ease things up and lessen the pain of the breakup. While it will not stop them from hurting and probably crying their eyes out, it will provide an insight about what went wrong and where it went wrong. It’s difficult when a relationship ends without explanations. Your poem may be that explanation, designed to answer questions and to give your partner a softer landing than what he/she would have gotten if you’d just up and left.

Real Dating Needs a Real Confidence

online chatingIt is really different from online chatting where you can directly build your confidence, but in the reality, you need time to build this real confidence. When you are about to attract a woman, the first thing that you must have is confidence. How can you talk and meet her when you do not have confidence? A woman will know that you have a potential to be a successful person when she knows that you are quite confident.

Meanwhile, most of the men will think that this kind of woman is materialistic or she only wants money from the men. But, it is actually not right at all. It is kind of normal if you meet a woman who is looking for a successful man. She wants it because it can be her satisfaction indicator as it is also found in men who are looking for satisfaction in various ways. So, there is no reason for a man to consider this woman is materialistic because a woman will only look for a lover and sincere life partner.

life partner
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Both of men and women want a forever life partner but it is not just a partner in the term of finance, companionship, decision making, but also it is all about sex. If you want to seduce any women, then you must consider that both of you are the same and equals. Meanwhile, confidence is not always inside everybody because you may have or you do not have it. But, it all depends on your decision because you can actually grow your confidence.

To seduce a woman, you need to be a good person, funny, smart, have a good job, sincere, and much more. You need to show your good attitude and you also need to know that not all of the women only think about a material or rich man. Some of the women only want a confident person and she wants a man who knows what actually he offers to build a good relationship.

How To Get Over Someone Fast; Don’t Wait

Getting over someone after separation
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Getting over someone after a relationship break-up is very important. Getting over someone you have dated for one month can be very easy but someone you have dated for more than a year is tough. It is like a smoker trying to quit smoking. It is difficult in the first few days, but it gets easier with patience, practice, and time. The amazing thing is that there is a remedy for people fixed in such a loop.  In this article, I have prepared some remedies for your situation that will help you recover from break-up pretty fast.

1) Accept It’s Over

Whether you are the one who has ended the relationship or you, have been told it’s over, accept it and start the process of moving on. Relationship breakups are as a result of a good reason. Unless you the type of couple who break up and makeup after a week, you need let it go for you to live a life free of stress.

2) Detach Yourself From Old Memories

old bad memoriesIf you and your lover shared or bought each other’s items and they are stuffed in your room, try getting rid of them. Try with visual objects that made you strongly attached to him or her. For example, your room or album might be full of photos of him or her, or even both of you. If he or she bought you something valuable such as an electronic gadget or a pillow, you could store them for a while until you get over your ex. if he or she bought you a pet as a gift, it could stay as it doesn’t cause you much pain.

3)Kill The Hope

People who are left by a loved one through death are able to move on due to the lack of hope for that person coming back. Hoping for a reconciliation from your ex is like hoping for the dead to rise again. If you have hopes of getting back to your ex, your mind will never initiate the recovery process. If you live in the hope of getting back together, you will end up day dreaming about your ex. You keep waiting on the phone for them to call or wishing that you coincidentally met.

4) Focus On Yourself

Focus On Yourself
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When a relationship breaks up to occur, the mind keeps on drifting to think about your ex. Try to catch it and focus it on your recovery process. There is no important person in your life other than you. Therefore, focus on only the people that matter in your life such as extended family and friends. Try focusing on the physical world and becoming active to prevent your mind from being drowned.

How Can A Rebound Relationship Work In Your Favor

Rebound Relationship photo
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Has your relationship ended and your ex is in a rebound relationship? Do you want her back? Below, I will share with you on how to win her back. As you read, keep in mind that the process of getting back to your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is a step by step process.

What Is Rebound Relationship?

A rebound relationship is where your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend dates another person for reasons of getting over you. After a breakup, there is a gap or hollow that is created in your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend mind, and that is what they are trying to get occupied. Rebound relationships help individuals move on from their previous relationship as they manage their emotions.

Reason For A Rebound Relationship

relationship with your ex
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The only reason your ex is in another relationship is to get over you. It doesn’t mean that she or he is dating because he doesn’t love you. This, therefore, creates an arena that you can use to get your ex back. The reasons why the relationship ended doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that you still love one another. If your relationship was based on true love, the chances are high that you can get your ex back.

The person who is dating your ex is a virtual version of you. Your ex will date a person who has opposite characters to yours in order to forget about you. This is a good chance to exploit while she is still with the other person. Learn the things she is looking for and perfect them on your side. Dating an opposite virtual, you mean that there is something he or she was missing while you were dating. Probably you spent most of your time playing soccer with your mate while she needed someone to talk to.

The Worst Mistake

mistake in a relationshipThe worst mistake you can make is to jump into the rebound relationship. Let it sail through to the end. If it was not meant to be, then it won’t last long. Just like every relationship which has its ups and downs, the person dating your ex-girlfriend will highlight his or her flaws and your ex will be yearning to come back to you.

Come Back

If she signals you that she wants a reconciliation, welcome her back with a warm heart nut don’t rush back too quickly. Let her miss the moments you shared together and when you reconcile you won’t have the regrets that come from rushing back at full speed. Once she comes back, be a gentleman and welcome her with open arms. Don’t bring up anything related to the rebound relationship as this will put her off and start regretting coming back.

What You Need To Seduce A Woman

Seduce A Woman
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There’s a common misconception among men that leads most of them to give up as soon as they see a beautiful woman, not because they’re afraid, but as soon as they see that 9 hanging out at the bar, the instant thought is – out of my league, because they aren’t handsome billionaire entrepreneurs..

Well, as I said, it’s a misconception and something that can easily be proven wrong. It’s been done several times before and you could try it out yourself.

1. Exude Confidence

beautiful women photoHere’s a quick fact – the competition for beautiful women is a lot less than most people think. Since most men are intimidated by 9s, the amount of competition for them is much smaller than assumed.

The most important traits women look for in potential mates is power and confidence and none can exist without the other. It’s an evolutionary adaptation that leads women to subconsciously believe if a guy is intimidated by looks, even the world, in general, will intimidate him. Exude power, but don’t be a douche. Nobody likes a douche. Know the difference.

2. Just talk to her

Another common misconception among men is that pick up lines work. Here’s another fact – they don’t. Unless you’ve been secretly practicing in your bathroom every night before you go to bed, don’t even bother.

Pick an opening sentence that you believe will actually lead to a conversation, not a simple yes or no question like “Hey, you come here often?” It’s a yes or a no, then what? Just talk to her. Have a great conversation and make subtle jokes to get a chuckle or two out of her.

3. Try to concentrate on something that’s not her body.

Pretty women, in all their goddess-like beauty, know it’s not permanent, and are often insecure. So, even once at the very peak of their ephemeral beauty, remember that it’s a little advocated fact that women like to be acknowledged. Make use of her less spoken-of virtues and let her know they are qualities you admire in her.

4. Don’t ignore her looks.

beautiful women look photoDespite the point previously established about focusing on her looks, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compliment her. By all means, make her feel like Aphrodite if you have to! It may come as a surprise to some, but there are a lot of people, not exclusively men though, who live under the false belief that you should never compliment a woman because it makes you look weak. That couldn’t be any less true.

Beautiful women are already aware of their beauty, and they are sure you’re in the know of it, too. Keep holding back in an effort to be ‘polite’ and ‘manly’ they see you for what you are – a phoney wannabe.

As is often said, ‘keep in touch with your feminine side’. Notice the little details that most men wouldn’t even catch, things that most women tell each other as compared to men. This could be something like how her dress matches her eyes, or how you are in love with the way her nose wrinkles when she smiles or even how her cute dimples bring out the shape of her head.

5. Use Your Brain, not Your Wallet

If she looks as great as I assume she does, then she’s definitely had and will still have lots of opportunities to date other men, perhaps richer men than you, and it’s something you’ll have to accept.

Most men, even society a whole, has the horrible habit of associating beauty directly with sex, something that makes most men mistakenly assume that a beautiful woman is nothing but a sex tool that’s to be bought by the fattest cheque. On rare occasion, it’s true, but those aren’t worth your time, now are they?

7 Ways To Build Trust In A Relationship

Build Trust In A Relationship
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A relationship that lacks trust is doomed. This is the sad and ugly truth. No relationship will ever survive no matter how much effort you put into it, unless you and your partner can trust each other. In this article we discuss 7 ways to build trust in a relationship.

1) Be Predictable

A lot of people think that it is very important to always spice things up in a relationship to keep the romance alive. This is true because you should always try to surprise your partner with something nice or should do something that they have always asked you to do. But being unpredictable is something else. This means that your partner will not feel safe or secure in a relationship. Your partner should know that they know you and can depend on you all the time.

2) Don’t Send Mixed Signals

When you talk to your partner, make sure that your words match your body language. When you are saying something that you don’t mean, you are confusing your partner and they know that they can’t trust you. Instead, speak up and say what you feel

3) Talk To Your Partner About Their Best Traits And Flaws

In order to build trust with your partner, you need to tell them what you really feel about them. When said with love, the truth never hurts. If your partner is doing something that really bothers you, then talk to them rather than letting it build up and hurt your feeling and later your relationship.

4) Secrets Kill trust

You have to understand that no secret will actually remain secret for long. The amount of energy that you spend in keeping and hiding secrets should be used to build your relationship. What is worse is that when your partner knows that you have been keeping secrets from them. Big or small, secrets will kill all the trust between you.

5) Spill It Out

Telling your partner what you really feel is very important and is better than letting them guess what your needs are. Your partner wants to know what you want because they want you to be happy and want your relationship to work. Telling them is better than letting them guess.

6) Learn To Say No

learn to say noListening to your partner is a good thing because this means that your partner trusts your enough to tell you what they feel and need in a relationship. But you don’t have to say yes to everything. In fact, sometimes learning to say no at the right time can help you save your relationship. This means that you are not just playing along but you are actually considering what is being said.

7) Learn That Hard Work Pays Off

Working on building trust in your relationship is sometimes painful. You will have to go through some struggles or pain. But this pain prepares us for the growth and prosperity. Whatever you bring up to the surface, will help you create the healthy environment to build the trust in your relationship.

Trust is the key element in the survival of your relationship. It is what you need to focus on if you want to have a successful relationship that will last a life time.

Things To Avoid Talking In Your Dating

what not tell in dating
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Common sense will help you a lot: each time you feel like saying something to the one you’re dating, think for a while: “How is this going to help me? What is this person going to feel about it? How does this add any value to the date?”

So, it doesn’t mean you have to lie, plot, and deceive, rather you’ll leave somethings unsaid until you and your date develop a little bit more of trust and confidence or enter into a relationship. Remember that during the early stages of dating people turn off very easily.

Leave Your Ex Out Of Your Date

leave your ex information
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Strangers don’t want to hear about your past love experiences, especially if you are bickering, and arguing. Or even worse, talking about how great they were.

Don’t dwell on the past and don’t compare your present date with your past lovers because. This is a complete turn-off.

No Gossip

Your date is not going to be really interested in your gossip about your family, friends, and past or current dates. He or she will not pay attention, and gossip will make you look like a person who doesn’t value other’s privacy, so your date will hesitate to tell you something about her or to trust you.  Just be present in the moment and enjoy the company of each other.

do not tell about your sexNo Nothing About Your Sexy Life

Don’t go out of your way talking about your success in the romantic department speaking about previous dates, about how you cheat, about how you pick up boys or girls, and about how you like sex. Remember, sex is always a very sensitive topic, so when it comes around, respond with a quick joke and change the subject.

Your Sad Little Stories Are Also Out

Men and women both want to look happy and whole when they date. So no complaints about your life and your hardships and no stories about how much you’ve suffered. You can leave your frustrations for when you’re sure the other person will give you attention and support.

All Tell And No show

no show photo
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Don’t talk about how much money you earn, or worse, how much money you want. Just follow a simple rule: whatever value you know you have, be sure not to talk about it, show it, act like it, and be up to your own expectations. Said rule is especially true for men, they ought to stay humble and respectful to anyone.

Now you’ve got an idea of what to say and what not to say if you don’t want to scare away from you. Remember to stay positive, be fun, and have lots of conversation topics.